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"The winter season was long and harsh. I looked forward to the early spring days and the wild flowers which followed.....I especially enjoyed going into the deep woods near the old school" from Caroline Fehlman Rabbitt Long Grove Childhood Memories.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seed Starting

I have started seeds ...Hurray..this is my method, I know there are many.

Step: 1 Seed Pellets
Step 2 Soak pellets this should take 15 min
Step 3 Select seeds
Step 4 Plant seeds  I use a wet toothpick to select the amount of seeds per pellet
Step 5 Place pre-soaked planted pellets into a tray with lid label clearly
Step 6 IMPORTANT STEP place trays on top of refrigerator for quick germination
Step 7 After germination place plants in a sunny location
Step 8 check your plants daily..this cabbage germinated in TWO DAYS!

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